Frequently Asked Questions

  • What investments does SmartCapitalonline offer?

    For each of your financial goals, SmartCapitalonline recommends a specific portfolio strategy. This portfolio strategy is designed to reflect the total world market to help maximize expected returns while minimizing risk.

  • Where do I start with investments?

    Your first step used to decide what you want to achieve. Are you saving for a specific short-term goal, such as a deposit for your first property, a new car, or to pay your children's university fees? Or are you saving for the long term, to fund your retirement? Your answers will largely determine how and where you invest. This is why we are here to help you achieve your goals. Get started with us immediately.

  • How do you differ from other similar companies?

    How does SmartCapitalonline compare to other Investment Companies?

    Like SmartCapitalonline, most Investment Companies use technology to recommend a portfolio and automate the investment process. SmartCapitalonline doesn't stop there. We’re designed to help you identify your financial goals, and work towards achieving your goals, then, when you have questions, licensed experts from our Support and Advice teams are ready to help.

    In other words, SmartCapitalonline aims to help you answer, “How can I be a smarter, better investor across my finances?” while other robot-Investment Companies only answer “What should my portfolio look like?”

  • Verification email not received?

    If you cannot find the verification link in your email, it's likely that it is being blocked by your email settings, or by a security filter. Please check your email settings and ensure no filter is up. You can also check spam/junk folder.

  • How do I make a withdrawal?

    To make a withdrwal log in to your account, go to "Withdrawal" tab on your account dashboard. We currently support only Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Cardano, Litecoin and Etherum withdrawals only.

  • Can I lose more than I invest or the Money I Invest?

    No. You cannot lose your money with SmartCapitalonline. We have taken every measure to ensure that your money is safe.

  • Is Investing With SmartCapitalonline safe?

    Yes. Our investment strategy is extremely safe and secure types of investments

  • How can I make a deposit?

    You can use any of the available payment options to make your investment deposit. Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash or Dash or Cardano or Litecoin or Etherum.

    You are required to login to your account section and go to new deposit to get a unique wallet generated by your account. From your bitcoin wallet make a deposit of the amount you wish to invest with SmartCapitalonline. Once the system receives the funds, the deposit is made available in your account.

  • I have made a deposit, but it's not credited to my account?

    It may take up to 48 hours for your account to show your deposit. However, if you don't see your deposit even after 48 hours, contact us with the screenshot of transaction as a proof of deposit and your account will be credited after successful verification.

  • I paid my management fee, but my account is still restricted. What do I do?

    It may take up to 24 hours to verify your payment. However, if you have paid your management fee and you account is still restricted after 24 hours, please send us the details of your transaction and your account will be restored back after payment has been verified.

  • What is account management fee?

    We charge a one-time Investment management fee of $50.00 for any registered account that has made an investment deposit with SmartCapitalonline. The account management fee is applicable for any account that has invested with us. SmartCapitalonline reserves the right to change these fees. In certain circumstances, and at our sole discretion, SmartCapitalonline may notify selected customers of a specific fee change, where we consider a change to be of particular relevance to such customers.

  • I have made a deposit, but I don't receive returns?

    Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your deposit to confirm and show in your account. Also, the minimum deposit that we require our investors to make is $500 to be able to earn returns. If your total deposit (excluding welcome bonus) is less than $100, your account will not eligible for returns. In such a case, add more funds to your account to make your total deposit above $100 (excluding the welcome bonus) and you shall start to receive returns from the next day

  • What is Super Saver Solution?

    As a VIP customer, in our Super Saver Solution, you will be the first to receive notice of our new products as we roll them out. Here is some information to guide you on the super save solution.

    The super safe solution works by adding your daily returns to your investment deposit for a period of 90 days. You can make a withdrawal request during this period however your withdrawal cannot exceed request above $3,000 within a 90 days period.

    After 90 days maturity period on SSS your account will be qualified to make the first tax free withdrawal not exceeding $100,000.00. If your account remains on SSS for another 35 days after your first withdrawal, you will be qualified to make the second tax free withdrawal not exceeding $500,000.00. If you wish to withdraw any amount above $500,000.00 after the second tax-free withdrawal returns, please contact us.

    The 90 days maturity period on your account starts on the day you apply for this solution, you can find the maturity date on your account profile section. Please note that the additional bonus of 3% 6% 10% is only applicable if there is no withdrawal request from your account within this 90 days period.

    The bonus interest on your SSS investment will be paid on the maturity date.